The Team

'Dr' Andy Milz

Andy’s been around a while. He’s set up and run bars for Lee Chapman, Leslie Ash, JJ Goodman, Raymond Van Blanc, Nick House and the lovely Kelly Brook...the list goes on. He’s been consulting and competing all this time (a small-time competition known as ‘Diageo World Class’ was one of his greater achievements), has done a lot writing, a good amount of generally winning, all the while maintaining some seriously speedy skills and occasionally acceptable chat.

Olly ‘Go for OJ’ Brading

Olly’s generally a nice, cheeky chap, and he’s been around the block a few times in this world of bars. After running a few of the London Cocktail Club bars, he went freelance and has consulted on some of the biggest spirit brands in the world, until finally tying the knot with his two business buddies to open CTC!

Elliot Ball, 'BSc(Hons) PhD GCSE'

Definitely the geek of the group, but, like the others, he always puts the fun first. Anyhow, Elliot’s been about, opening, consulting and managing venues, all while trying to apply his background in the sciences to the understanding of flavour. He’s basically responsible for the clever stuff, but can still knock out a solid Cape Codder.

Trophy Room

We’re proud of every last person involved in CTC - here’s what we’ve done as a team.

  • Diageo World Class Top 8, World Finals
  • Bols Around the World Top 8, World Finals
  • Angostura Cocktail Challenge World Finals
  • Jim Beam Shake History UK champions
  • Masters of Maraschino Champion
  • 42 Below National Champions
  • Imbibe Bar Personality of the Year (achievements under 30) winner

The School

Cocktail Masterclasses

There’s nothing we love more than teaching people to make drinks at the CTC. No group is too small, no group too large. Hen parties, stags, corporate, or just fun with friends - give us a shout about our off-the-shelf cocktail courses, or we can bespoke to your needs:

Professional Bar School

More info on the way - if you’d like any details, get in touch:


The CTC was borne of 3 London bartenders and their love for drinks and the industry. We set out to create a company that took the best of the places we’d worked and loved, a place that supports the people living and working in our industry and helps them achieve success in what they love. We want this bar, this industry, to be the best it can be, which is hopefully good news for everyone...

  • We firmly support fair wages and have a cooperative company structure, providing perks typical to other professions such as healthcare, as well as hours that allow our staff to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • We work hard to minimise our waste, and we reuse and recycle as much as we can.
  • We give preference to brands who share our ethical outlook within the industry.
  • We are in discussions with local colleges to get our bar school accredited in a similar way to an NVQ, with the intention of laying the foundations for people to see the drinks industry as a long-term career opportunity.
  • We support a number of charities in our day-to-day operations - ask if you’re curious.