Basically, our masterclasses are awesome. You'll be taught by an award-winning bartender who's often quite funny. You'll begin with welcome drinks. There'll be a spirits tasting, a tutored drinks chat, and this can be anywhere between fun and educational. There will be many treats thrown in. Finally, you'll get to come behind the bar and mix your own. And of course, we can adapt the class to you, in case there's anything you especially wish to learn/do, or if you wanna just have fun.

Generally, though, we focus on the fundamentals, teaching you the secrets to make pretty much any cocktail, all tasty like. They typically last 90 minutes (depending on group size) and come at £35/ head.

Drop us an email on to enquire about availabilities - we're a pretty intimate bar, so we can't run classes during peak service. As a result, generally, we can perform them around 5pm Monday-Friday and 2pm Saturday & Sunday, though there's a wee bit of flexibility. Just ask!