HOLD UP! Sorry, team - masterclasses are, well... generally no more.

One thing we learned from this new normal is that our window bar for takeaways is pretty essential, and also inoperable at the same time as classes.

We're still open to private enquiries, but it'll need to be a fairly large group to warrant closing the bar to run the class. Still, if you wanna chat, just fire us an email. In addition, our sister bar, Murder Inc., which is arguably more conveniently located (right off Tottenham Court Rd FYI) anyhow, will keep them going.

Equally, if you already have a class booked, or a voucher, etc, just reach out to us - we'll make it right, promise. Somehow.

It sucks, we know. We hosted and refined that class for 5 years, and it really is the best around.